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Posted on April 29th, 2016 by Tony M

ThanksEvent pic2

As part of the Cub 100 Celebrations, Monday Cubs held their THANKS EVENT on the 25th April.

We invited a Parent/Guardian for each Cub to come along to the meeting and get involved in activities and games.  The event was planned with the Cubs and they decided which activities and games they wanted to do on the night.

There was a great turnout and with 15 Cubs, 4 Beavers (who have just moved up) and a Parent/Guardian for just about every child.
The night started with the Parents/Guardians standing behind their child while they did Grand Howl.  Then the 3 activity bays began which were, Knots, Tower Building and Senses and each six was allocated a bay to start at.

  • The Knots bay taught the Parents/Guardians the Reef Knot and Bowline.  Quite a lot of the Cubs seemed to have forgotten how to tie these as well so it ended up being a refresher for them also!
  • Tower building was to make a free-standing tower as big as possible using marshmallows and spaghetti without it falling down.
  • Senses was an enjoyable one as it involved eating crisps and using your taste buds to try and identify 10 flavours of crisps.  Of course we weren’t going to make it easy by having flavours such as Chorizo & Red Pepper, Caramelised Onion & Balsamic Vinegar mixed in amongst regular flavours like Ready Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion.
    Each bay lasted for 15 minutes then the six moved round until everyone had been to each activity.


After a quick tidy up and clearing the hall it was time for a couple of games.  The fist one being a Curling competition between the Cubs/Beavers and the Parents/Guardians.  Teams of 4 played against each other and the points scored at the end of the game where added up.  In the end it was the Parents/Guardians who came out from this game victorious with some fantastic shots earning them some very high scoring results.
We then moved on to a game of elephant football which was played with everyone together in one massive circle.  It started off with two medium sized balls but by the end of the game there was about a dozen of different sizes being hit around the circle.  After about 10 minutes of playing that we called time on the games and got the refreshments on.


We had some photographs on display on the wall of Cub events from the 1990’s and early 2000’s along with some photo’s of the leaders from a good few years ago too!  But as photographs have moved into the digital era we had to have the projector on to show a display of photo’s from Cub camps and events from 2010 to present day.  Whilst the Parents/Guardians where having their tea and coffee we had a Cub from each six reading out a bit about what they enjoyed about coming to Cubs.
It also gave a chance for the Leaders to say a big THANK YOU to all the Parents/Guardians for supporting the group, bringing their child along to the meeting nights every week, taking them to District competitions and events and paying for them to go to camps.  Then that was it, the end of the night had arrived, so the final notices where given out and everyone went on their way.  A very successful and enjoyable night was had by all.

So Cubs might be celebrating its 100 Birthday this year, but there’s many many more years of happy and enjoyable Scouting ahead!

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Cubs become Pirates at Cub Weekend Camp

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by Tony M

Over the weekend of the 8th – 10th April 2016 Cubs from the Monday and Thursday packs joined together for a Group Cub Camp at Powburn Adventure Centre, Powburn, Northumberland.

You’ve probably guessed by the title that the Theme for the weekend was ‘Pirates’.

20160409094251-eed72811  cpc1

Friday Afternoon

We had lots of activities arranged and started them off on the Friday afternoon with some craft activities, putting a design onto the white T-Shirt they had brought with them.  They were put into 2 groups of 8 and had to design a crew flag and also paint a design onto their ship for a battle later in the weekend.  Then we finished off the day letting them have some free time and playing a few games before watching the first half of a pirate themed movie.


On the  morning we went out to Thrunton Woods and did some activities to start getting them through the Outdoor Challenge badge.  The Cubs completed some Tracking, Shelter Building, Country Code discussion and had a bit time to play before returning back to the centre for lunch.
cpc3  cpc2
The afternoon the Cubs had their Ships set up and get dressed into their Pirate outfits and what a vicious crew they turned out to be.  Especially when they got issued with their foam swords!!  After the ship battle which was dominated by the red group they were left to do battle between themselves but some decided to turn on the Leaders and Young Leaders.  Later that evening the Cubs had a look at some ‘mock wounds’ made by Bagheera which were very realistic and the Cubs were asked if they could tell us how they would treat them.
20160409093237-966bae24  cpc4
We then went outside for campfire and had good time singing lots of songs and having a laugh before coming back in to finish watching the rest of our pirate themed movie with some hot chocolate.


In the morning we completed the rest of the Outdoor Challenge badge by splitting the Cubs into smaller groups. They were tasked with pitching and striking a tent, mini pioneering where they built small rafts and a Kit check, pack and room tidy.  Once all of that was completed we went for a walk down to the river to see how well the rafts would sail.  Only a couple managed to make the full distance from the bridge to the finishing line but they all had a good go.
After returning back to the centre there was only time for lunch and then to begin packing and tidying away before heading back off to the Scout Hut and reunite the tired little Pirates with their parents.  Everyone had a brilliant weekend, good fun, good behaviour and good memories.


Check out the Gallery section of the website for more photographs from the camp.

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Cubs Success In Recent Competitions

Posted on March 30th, 2016 by Tony M

Over the past 2 months our Cubs have been taking part in different District Competitions and have achieved some very good results.

On 23rd February we attended the Curling Competition were we had a team of 4 Cubs taking part.  They had matches against Cubs from 6 other Groups within the District, playing 2 games in each match.  We ended up tied on points with the 3rd Tynemouth so had to have a deciding match to determine the winner.  Our Cubs played an excellent game, comfortably beating the 3rd to take the win.


The next event was the Swimming Gala at Tynemouth Pool on the 28th February.  The Cubs have their event in the small pool in teams of a maximum of 6 with various races/games for them to compete in.  Some of the races were simple relay and an example of others are were they are; required them to push a cup of water on a float without it tipping over to fill a bucket at the opposite side of the pool.  As a team collect as many plastic balls from the pool within a set time and place them in a bucket.  Our Cubs who attended did a great job and managed to finish 2nd in the competition.


And the latest event was the Sandra Rose Competition on the 15th March, this competition is team based with a maximum of 6 Cubs per team.  The Cubs have to go round various bays with different activities or games on them and they have a set time at each bay in order to complete as much of the activity as possible or score as many points as possible.  We had 3 Cubs attend this competition and ended up joining with Cubs from the 3rd Tynemouth to make a full team.  The Cubs worked brilliantly with the 3rd’s Cubs and ended up winning the competition!  So we currently have the trophy for the next 6 months before handing it on to the 3rd Tynemouth to keep until the competition takes place next year.

Sandra Rose Trophy 2016

We can’t thank our Cubs and their families enough for coming along and attending these competitions.  They have done our Group really proud for the effort they have put in and have been greatly rewarded with the results that they have achieved.  Long may this continue with other District events coming up later in the year and lastly I would just like to say a great big BRAVO, from all of the Cub Leaders!!

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Group Camp, West Hall, South Tyneside

Posted on November 7th, 2015 by Tony M

Group Camp 2015_38Over the weekend of the 23rd to 26th October 2015 we had our Group Camp at West Hall Scout Campsite, Moor Lane, Whitburn. On the Friday evening the Cubs and Scouts arrived at the site with the Cubs sleeping in the bunk rooms and the Scouts camping outside in Storm Haven tents.

The Friday evening was mainly about settling in and then playing a few games which gave the Cubs and Scouts a chance to get to know each other.

On Saturday morning we took the Cubs and Scouts for a walk down to the beach. Unfortunately it was very windy down there and typically it started to rain as we got to the beach. We sheltered by a small café then decided to make our way back to the campsite. After crossing the road we found a nice patch of grass and as we had brought some games equipment decided to have a game of ‘quick cricket’ before going back to the campsite for lunch.

Group Camp 2015_09

Beavers at camp

The Beavers arrived at lunch time and stayed with us until the Sunday afternoon. We split everyone into groups which were made up of 2 Beavers, 2 Cubs and 2 Scouts. They then made their way round the various activities which took up the rest of Saturday afternoon. After tea the Cubs and Scouts played some wide games outside before the evening campfire.

Group Camp 2015_14 Group Camp 2015_28

On Sunday the Beavers went for a walk down to the beach. The weather was a lot nicer for them than what the Cubs and Scouts had the day before. The Scouts dropped the Storm Haven tents and brought their bags into the hall as they are going to be using the bunk rooms tonight to sleep.

The Beavers had their dinner then got the minibus back home.   The Cubs and Scouts then did activities and played wide games during the afternoon which they seemed to thoroughly enjoy and did not want to end! After a late dinner the Cubs got their belongings together and were taken back to our Scout Hut to be picked up by their parents. The Scouts stayed at West Hall for an extra night and had a relaxed evening in the hall.

Monday morning the Scouts went out for a short hike which took a couple of house before heading back to the campsite for lunch then an afternoon of tidying up before heading back to our Scout hut mid-afternoon to be picked up by their parents.

Monday Cubs said…

Once we arrived at the campsite we got split into groups and had to find our bunk room door numbers. In the dormitory we got in our bunk beds and looked around. We were more comfortable than the Scouts, we all enjoyed the dormitories. In the big wooden hall we were split into groups and played games.

The campfire was very warm and colourful. Everyone sang songs around the campfire and we all enjoyed it.’

White Six


‘On Saturday we had a great day. Here are some of the things we did:

Whippet Racing – they had to wind in wooden blocks with pictures of dogs on, first across the line won.

Coin Rolling – to try and get 2p coins to land within a square on the grid to score.

Made feather quill pens and wrote with them

Made balancing clowns, monkeys, parrots

Completed a jigsaw

Made some Soap (didn’t use it though!)

Played hopscotch



We all really enjoyed Saturday. We hope that future Cubs and Beavers will enjoy the camps too.

Black Six

On Saturday morning we went for a walk and it was raining so we walked back and on our way back we played cricket. At the campsite we played capture the flag and the flag got stuck in a railing! We played football, Jake climbed a tree, some of the Cubs found caterpillar eggs and our favourite game was manhunt. We also enjoyed playing spotlight hunt were we had to make our way back to a base without being seen in spotlights which the leaders where shining.

We would all go on Cub camp again!

Red Six

Camp photos

More photo’s from our Group Camp can be found in the Gallery.

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Top Awards for our Members

Posted on July 11th, 2015 by Tony M

Chief Scout Awards-27Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Young Leaders from 8th Tynemouth joined others from groups across Northumberland County at Castle Gate in Newcastle today to be presented with their Chief Scouts Awards – the highest achievement they are able to gain in their section.

From the 8th Tynemouth, 4 of our members gained Chief Scout Bronze Award; 8 gained Chief Scout Silver Award; and 2 have earned their Chief Scout Gold Award.

In total, there were about 140 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from across the County at the awards, so making up 10% of those receiving the awards is a great reflection of the hard work the Scouts at the 8th have put in this year on their challenge badges, camps and activities needed to meet all of the criteria for the awards.

Chief Scout Awards-16Chief Scout Awards-15

2 of our Young Leaders, who were previously scouts in the group, picked up their Chief Scout Platinum Award, with one of them also gaining the Chief Scout Diamond award.

Chief Scout Awards-29

Congratulations to everyone who has earned their awards today.

More photos are available from our Gallery.

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