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Bear Grylls Quotes

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Here are a selection of quotes from Chief Scout, Bear Grylls…

  • ‘Every child has the right to an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities. The prizes don’t always go to the biggest, the best and the strongest – they go to those who persevere. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches.’
  • ‘Scouts today are full of fun, adventure and excitement. I’m so proud to wear Baden-Powell’s Silver Wolf, but more importantly, the scarf.’
  • ‘Scouting’s 500,000 members are an inspiration. It’s great to see it. It’s all about friendship and fun and adventure – people who might not normally have the chance for adventure. Scouts are shining lights in their communities.’
  • ‘Two things matter in life: following your dreams and looking after your friends. This is what I love about Scouting. It’s about doing great things, loving and enjoying the great adventures and helping others to do the same.’
  • ‘My aim is to make Scouting even better than it is. Fun, teamwork and adventure – those are my three things. My role is to keep the focus on that.’
  • ‘I feel immense pride being associated with the Scouts. If I do nothing else with my life I will feel amazingly honoured that I’ve held this post.’
  • ‘My mission as Chief Scout is to bring the opportunity of adventure to young people worldwide, wherever or whoever they are.’
  • ‘Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.’
  • ‘The reason why Scouting remains the largest youth movement in the world is that it’s got great core values: it’s faith, it’s about friendship, it’s about fun – it’s all part of what we wanted when we grew up.’
  • ‘I think the great strength of the Scouts is that it’s a real family, it’s a really inclusive community and I found a second home there. I remember one of the first things I did was to be given one match and one raw sausage and told to go and cook it. I remember looking at the match and looking at the sausage and thinking, it’s going to have to burn for a very long time! Then someone showed me how to make a fire and I thought at last, this is something I can really feel part of and enjoy. It wasn’t school but it was everything I loved. I look back and I realise it was those years that inspired what I love as a job now.’
  • ‘Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.’
  • ‘I think it’s so hard for young people to get out and experience the outdoors – it can be quite an intimidating place – lots of people don’t know how to get out there. Scouting provides a safe way to explore the outdoors. They’re going to have an adventure, but they’re going to do it with people they know and trust, and they’re going to be looked after.’
  • ‘As a society, we do tend to get bogged down with ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’ and I think it’s a shame – kids lose out on so much of the magic of the outdoors. I want kids to learn how to start fires without matches, build camps, climb mountains. Our ancestors had these skills for generations and now we are in danger of losing them.’
  • ‘When was the last time you explored the great outdoors? I mean really explored, when you set out into the unknown with a map and compass, a rucksack, a tent and sleeping bag; the sort of exploring that makes your heart beat faster.
  • ‘Can you remember the patter of rain on your tent, the sound of owls or the rustling of the wind in the leaves at night? It’s a feeling of absolute freedom and belonging – re-establishing our relationship with both ourselves and planet earth. A night in the outdoors is also a reminder that not everything that’s precious and valuable costs a lot of money.’
  • ‘One of the reasons I became a Scout was to spend more time with friends in the outdoors. It’s among the greatest experiences in life and should be accessible to everyone, no matter where they live, what they look like or how they grew up.’
  • ‘Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.’

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