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JOTI 2015

Posted on October 17th, 2015 by Tony M
Scouts from South Africa sharing their scarf collection.

Scouts from South Africa sharing their scarf collection with us on Skype.

It has been a great year for JOTI this year. We’ve had more computers and a broadband internet

connection this year, which has allowed us to run even more IRC stations than usual, more Skype stations and also to join in with Scouts on Minecraft on a dedicated Scoutlink Minecraft server. Some of our members were on-air on JOTI Radio again this year too.

Our Scouts were joined by Scouts from 1st Tynemouth last night and this morning and we hope that they enjoyed taking part in the event.

Scouts discussing tactics in Minecraft.

Scouts discussing tactics in Minecraft.

Photos from our JOTI event are now on The Gallery, which include some shots of the impromptu pre-bed time dance off on Friday night!

We’re still going through all of the log sheets, analysing JIDs and country contacts, to ensure the world map is accurate. Here’s how it looks at closing time today:


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