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Scout Summer Camp 2016

Posted on September 15th, 2016 by Tony M

During the summer holidays the 8th Tynemouth Scouts had their annual Summer Camp which was held at Sawmill Campsite, Scots Gap, Morpeth, Northumberland.
The site is located down a short track off the main road and the field is surrounded by trees and a small river runs through the campsite down to the left hand side as you enter.
We also had a couple of Cubs come along for the camp with their parents who are Sectional Support helpers.

The camp started in the usual fashion on the Saturday by way of the Scouts putting up their tents whilst the leaders finished setting up the kitchen and marquee area as well as sorting other items of equipment.  It was a lovely sunny day and the afternoon was filled with option of playing games or just chilling out and the day finished off with the first camp fire of the week.
Sunday seen the first spell of rain which came in around lunch time and stopped the days activities of pioneering and rifle shooting.  Once it cleared later in the afternoon we decided to go out for a short walk.
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On the Monday we went down to Bolam Lake where we did rafting and also some work for the Country Park by cutting and clearing an area which was being taken over by rhododendrons. We split the group in half for these activities and switched after lunch.  Once back at the campsite the Scouts where given the rest of the evening to do their own thing.
Tuesday was a day visit the Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens.  It was another lovely sunny day and nice to have a walk around the gardens and visit the castle.  We took our lunch with us and spent a good few hours there before returning back to the campsite.
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It was after this when the weather started to change, rain started to become a more frequent visitor during the rest of the week and unfortunately started to turn our nice campsite into a muddy mess.  Especially in and around the marquee and kitchen tent!!  Any-who, being Scouts we were not deterred by this and continued on as best we could.

Wednesday was our usual day visit to the local town which on this occasion was Morpeth.  The Scouts had some time to walk around the town, visit shops before we went to the swimming pool.
Once back from Morpeth there was some time to have some free time, play games up until evening meal.  Later that night we had a bush tucker trial challenge and the Scouts and some adults got to experience ‘walking the tent’.  We can’t say much about that unfortunately as it may spoil it for others in the future!

Thursday was another rather wet day but we still decided to go out for a walk and went up to Rothley Castle and Craggs.  We used the old dismantled Railway Line to walk part of the way before heading off onto tracks heading over to the main road and then into the Craggs.  The Scouts enjoyed climbing around the Craggs but unfortunately there was not much to see at the old Castle remains.  We got back to the campsite in time for lunch and then spent the rest of the day doing other on site activities.

Friday was the last full day of the camp.  The weather was nice and sunny (for a change) so we decided to take half the Scouts back into Morpeth in the morning and went to the park area and riverside for a couple of hours.  Then after returning for lunch we took the second half of the group in the afternoon.  The other half of the group that day completed more rifle shooting in order to achieve the Master at Arms badge.  The other reason for the visit to Morpeth was to get away from the wet muddy campsite and visit some nice dry land!
Friday evening we had the traditional BBQ formal dinner and end of camp awards.  These awards are chosen by stand out moments that the Scouts and Leaders have done during the week, they can be either from silly moments or exceptional work.  Unfortunately the rain decided to pay us a visit just as we were finishing off cooking on the BBQ.  So, thanks to Anna hiding under a towel, the burgers and sausages were saved from the BBQ and finished off on the gas burner before serving up.

Then it was Saturday and time to dismantle the camp, pack everything away into the trailers and head back home.  It was another good camp, everyone had a good time despite the way the campsite ended up after the rain.  Everyone was glad to get back to the Scout Hut where the trailers were quickly unpacked and everyone headed off home.  So until next year…

Photographs from this years Summer Camp have been added to the Gallery.

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