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Cubs become Pirates at Cub Weekend Camp

Posted on April 25th, 2016 by Tony M

Over the weekend of the 8th – 10th April 2016 Cubs from the Monday and Thursday packs joined together for a Group Cub Camp at Powburn Adventure Centre, Powburn, Northumberland.

You’ve probably guessed by the title that the Theme for the weekend was ‘Pirates’.

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Friday Afternoon

We had lots of activities arranged and started them off on the Friday afternoon with some craft activities, putting a design onto the white T-Shirt they had brought with them.  They were put into 2 groups of 8 and had to design a crew flag and also paint a design onto their ship for a battle later in the weekend.  Then we finished off the day letting them have some free time and playing a few games before watching the first half of a pirate themed movie.


On the  morning we went out to Thrunton Woods and did some activities to start getting them through the Outdoor Challenge badge.  The Cubs completed some Tracking, Shelter Building, Country Code discussion and had a bit time to play before returning back to the centre for lunch.
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The afternoon the Cubs had their Ships set up and get dressed into their Pirate outfits and what a vicious crew they turned out to be.  Especially when they got issued with their foam swords!!  After the ship battle which was dominated by the red group they were left to do battle between themselves but some decided to turn on the Leaders and Young Leaders.  Later that evening the Cubs had a look at some ‘mock wounds’ made by Bagheera which were very realistic and the Cubs were asked if they could tell us how they would treat them.
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We then went outside for campfire and had good time singing lots of songs and having a laugh before coming back in to finish watching the rest of our pirate themed movie with some hot chocolate.


In the morning we completed the rest of the Outdoor Challenge badge by splitting the Cubs into smaller groups. They were tasked with pitching and striking a tent, mini pioneering where they built small rafts and a Kit check, pack and room tidy.  Once all of that was completed we went for a walk down to the river to see how well the rafts would sail.  Only a couple managed to make the full distance from the bridge to the finishing line but they all had a good go.
After returning back to the centre there was only time for lunch and then to begin packing and tidying away before heading back off to the Scout Hut and reunite the tired little Pirates with their parents.  Everyone had a brilliant weekend, good fun, good behaviour and good memories.


Check out the Gallery section of the website for more photographs from the camp.

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