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Cubs Success In Recent Competitions

Posted on March 30th, 2016 by Tony M

Over the past 2 months our Cubs have been taking part in different District Competitions and have achieved some very good results.

On 23rd February we attended the Curling Competition were we had a team of 4 Cubs taking part.  They had matches against Cubs from 6 other Groups within the District, playing 2 games in each match.  We ended up tied on points with the 3rd Tynemouth so had to have a deciding match to determine the winner.  Our Cubs played an excellent game, comfortably beating the 3rd to take the win.


The next event was the Swimming Gala at Tynemouth Pool on the 28th February.  The Cubs have their event in the small pool in teams of a maximum of 6 with various races/games for them to compete in.  Some of the races were simple relay and an example of others are were they are; required them to push a cup of water on a float without it tipping over to fill a bucket at the opposite side of the pool.  As a team collect as many plastic balls from the pool within a set time and place them in a bucket.  Our Cubs who attended did a great job and managed to finish 2nd in the competition.


And the latest event was the Sandra Rose Competition on the 15th March, this competition is team based with a maximum of 6 Cubs per team.  The Cubs have to go round various bays with different activities or games on them and they have a set time at each bay in order to complete as much of the activity as possible or score as many points as possible.  We had 3 Cubs attend this competition and ended up joining with Cubs from the 3rd Tynemouth to make a full team.  The Cubs worked brilliantly with the 3rd’s Cubs and ended up winning the competition!  So we currently have the trophy for the next 6 months before handing it on to the 3rd Tynemouth to keep until the competition takes place next year.

Sandra Rose Trophy 2016

We can’t thank our Cubs and their families enough for coming along and attending these competitions.  They have done our Group really proud for the effort they have put in and have been greatly rewarded with the results that they have achieved.  Long may this continue with other District events coming up later in the year and lastly I would just like to say a great big BRAVO, from all of the Cub Leaders!!

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