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Monday Cubs Christmas Igloo Build

Posted on February 21st, 2016 by Tony M

In December 2015 the Monday Cubs had a go at building an Igloo using 4 pint Milk bottles and (Leaders) using hot glue guns.  Considering the meeting night is only on for an hour and a half this was going to be no easy task!

1st Attempt 1

The Cubs were asked to save their empty milk bottles and they all brought along more than we had initially asked for which was great.  Once everyone had arrived and we had finished Grand Howl we began the task of building the Igloo.

We had a conveyor of Cubs lining up with milk bottles to be hot glued and then a small team, with the help of the Explorer Scouts (Young Leaders), ready to receive and place them down.  Despite the short time scale, the Cubs managed to construct the Igloo up to a decent height with the only issue being the entrance which had to be propped up.

1st Attempt 3   1st Attempt 5

Unfortunately, when the leaders called into the Scout hut on the Wednesday, the Igloo had collapsed!!

2nd Attempt 1

So, determined to have a completed Igloo for the Christmas party week, the leaders began to re-building it.  About 3 hours later, it was finished and it managed to stay up all the way through to the end of the Christmas School Holidays.

2nd Attempt 2 2nd Attempt 4 2nd Attempt 5

It was definitely a fun task to have a go at and I am sure it is something which we will try again in the future.

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