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Group Camp, West Hall, South Tyneside

Posted on November 7th, 2015 by Tony M

Group Camp 2015_38Over the weekend of the 23rd to 26th October 2015 we had our Group Camp at West Hall Scout Campsite, Moor Lane, Whitburn. On the Friday evening the Cubs and Scouts arrived at the site with the Cubs sleeping in the bunk rooms and the Scouts camping outside in Storm Haven tents.

The Friday evening was mainly about settling in and then playing a few games which gave the Cubs and Scouts a chance to get to know each other.

On Saturday morning we took the Cubs and Scouts for a walk down to the beach. Unfortunately it was very windy down there and typically it started to rain as we got to the beach. We sheltered by a small café then decided to make our way back to the campsite. After crossing the road we found a nice patch of grass and as we had brought some games equipment decided to have a game of ‘quick cricket’ before going back to the campsite for lunch.

Group Camp 2015_09

Beavers at camp

The Beavers arrived at lunch time and stayed with us until the Sunday afternoon. We split everyone into groups which were made up of 2 Beavers, 2 Cubs and 2 Scouts. They then made their way round the various activities which took up the rest of Saturday afternoon. After tea the Cubs and Scouts played some wide games outside before the evening campfire.

Group Camp 2015_14 Group Camp 2015_28

On Sunday the Beavers went for a walk down to the beach. The weather was a lot nicer for them than what the Cubs and Scouts had the day before. The Scouts dropped the Storm Haven tents and brought their bags into the hall as they are going to be using the bunk rooms tonight to sleep.

The Beavers had their dinner then got the minibus back home.   The Cubs and Scouts then did activities and played wide games during the afternoon which they seemed to thoroughly enjoy and did not want to end! After a late dinner the Cubs got their belongings together and were taken back to our Scout Hut to be picked up by their parents. The Scouts stayed at West Hall for an extra night and had a relaxed evening in the hall.

Monday morning the Scouts went out for a short hike which took a couple of house before heading back to the campsite for lunch then an afternoon of tidying up before heading back to our Scout hut mid-afternoon to be picked up by their parents.

Monday Cubs said…

Once we arrived at the campsite we got split into groups and had to find our bunk room door numbers. In the dormitory we got in our bunk beds and looked around. We were more comfortable than the Scouts, we all enjoyed the dormitories. In the big wooden hall we were split into groups and played games.

The campfire was very warm and colourful. Everyone sang songs around the campfire and we all enjoyed it.’

White Six


‘On Saturday we had a great day. Here are some of the things we did:

Whippet Racing – they had to wind in wooden blocks with pictures of dogs on, first across the line won.

Coin Rolling – to try and get 2p coins to land within a square on the grid to score.

Made feather quill pens and wrote with them

Made balancing clowns, monkeys, parrots

Completed a jigsaw

Made some Soap (didn’t use it though!)

Played hopscotch



We all really enjoyed Saturday. We hope that future Cubs and Beavers will enjoy the camps too.

Black Six

On Saturday morning we went for a walk and it was raining so we walked back and on our way back we played cricket. At the campsite we played capture the flag and the flag got stuck in a railing! We played football, Jake climbed a tree, some of the Cubs found caterpillar eggs and our favourite game was manhunt. We also enjoyed playing spotlight hunt were we had to make our way back to a base without being seen in spotlights which the leaders where shining.

We would all go on Cub camp again!

Red Six

Camp photos

More photo’s from our Group Camp can be found in the Gallery.

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