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Older Cub Camp – April 2015

Posted on July 3rd, 2015 by Tony M
Barrasford Scout Centre, Northumberland.

Barrasford Scout Centre, Northumberland.

During the Easter holidays a trial camp was held at Barrasford Scout Centre with a selected 6 of the older Cubs aged between 9.5 and 10.5 years.

The idea of the camp was give them a taste of more advanced scouting activities which they would go on to do in Scouts.  Activities which they took part in was Navigation and Map Reading, Pioneering, Axe and Saw work and Fire building and lighting.

On the Monday evening after arriving and setting up, the Cubs were given an overview of the what they were going to be doing during the camp.  They then went on to having a look at a map of the area and were given the task of working out grid references and finding locations on the map.  They then were shown the route which they would have to navigate on the Wednesday morning.

After that they went on to practise some knots which they would need to know for the Pioneering project.

On Tuesday morning, after breakfast, the Cubs were tasked with building a swing with pioneering poles.  They had to remember the knots which they were shown and practised the night before.  They were split into two groups of three and both worked on the each end of the swing before putting it together with the crossbar and attaching the seat.  The swing worked really well with the only issue being the knots on the seat slipping a couple of times, but that was an easy fix.


In the afternoon they did some axe and saw work to prepare wood that they would be using for the fire building.  It was easy to see confidence was growing in the use of the axe and it didn’t take too long before some good cuts in the wood were being made.  Later that afternoon the Cubs went on to build a small fire and attempt to light it with one match.  Unfortunately it was rather breezy which was blowing some of the small pieces of wood around as well as the blowing the matches out! They managed to get the fire going in the end.

Tuesday evening was finished off with a camp fire and a visit into Fred’s shed for a play on the climbing wall and pool table.

CubsBarrasford23  CubsBarrasford28

Wednesday morning came the task of the Navigation/Map Reading activity.  The Cubs split into 2 groups and went round the route in opposite directions.  We managed to meet roughly in the middle and had a break.  After setting off again a small navigation error by one of the groups saw them walking further up north than they should have and off away from the route which should have been followed.  It is still not known how this happened as the footpath and bridleway signs were always being followed!  Anyway, this meant that when the other group got back to Barrasford they had to wait about an hour longer for the other group to arrive before they could get back inside as they had the keys to the place.


All in all it was a successful weekend and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  It is definitely something which would be considered to be run again with another group of older Cubs.

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