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Scouts Mechanics Badge Update

Posted on February 9th, 2014 by Tony M

Mechanic Badge-140207-16This February Scouts from the 8th Tynemouth started work on the Mechanics Badge.  The main part of this will be to build a petrol engine powered kart.

Work on the kart construction begun on 7th February and we will update on progress as we go.

Building and servicing the kart will teach our Scouts the principles of the internal combustion engine and key components of a car.  The overall requirements of the badge are:

  1. Know the principles of operation of an internal combustion engine and understand the function of the clutch, gearbox and rear axle differential.
  2. Show how to check and refill the windscreen wash bottle of a car.
  3. Show how to change a bulb at the front and in the rear light cluster of a car.
  4. Show how to check the level of water in the radiator, ‘top up’ the radiator and know the importance of anti-freeze.
  5. Show how to check tyre pressures and inflate a tyre correctly.
  6. Remove and replace a road wheel.
  7. Explain what to look for when checking that a tyre conforms to the legal requirement. Understand the reason why cross and radial ply tyres should not be mixed on the same axle.
  8. Show how to change a wiper blade.
  9. Know the outline requirements for an MOT road test.

The kart is now almost complete following more hard work from our scouts on 14th February.

All that remains to complete is to connect up a few cables and attach some of the bodywork.  Then of course it requires a test-drive!

The photo below shows the kart in its current state, as you can see it has come a long way from the selection of parts that were giving to our scouts a couple of weeks ago.

Kart photo

To see more photos, check out the Gallery

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